Friday, August 2, 2013


Since a long time that I did'nt post anything here.. now Ramadhan. counting a days for Hari Raya.. Sorry for neglecting you my dear blog. LOL. There's many circumstances that i have been through these Ramaadhan. Happy, sad, enjoy, and everything. hmmm.. Don't know what I wanted to do with my own life. Hope after this I can change my life, motto, vision and mission . I also hope that this Ramadhan Allah will forgive me, Coz Allah is always  by my side. I don't want anybody to influencing me to do that, to do this. I also want to get a new life, new ambition, a successful life and career i think. ok, anyway, have a nice ramadhan to everyone..

-Love shahrul-

mY home Town

mY home Town

serangkai dengannya~~

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